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Do you need help with USAID OR World Bank contracts, financial issues, or procurement?

Most firms involved in international technical assistance projects appoint project directors or managers whose major strengths lie in technical aspects of the project. Their eagerness to perform well technically and please the customer leads some to overlook critical contractual, procurement, and financial issues which can seriously jeopardize overall performance.  

Past performance references have become an important evaluation factor for contractor selection, and a poor performance record in contractual or financial areas will negate excellent performance in technical areas, making future awards more difficult. Failure to comply with contractual provisions can result in substantial disallowances of expenditures when the contract is audited. The contractor would then be required to refund the disallowed amounts to the contracting agency.

Other firms or non-profit organizations lack in-house contractual expertise or have financial departments which lack experience in international work. Non-profits in particular may have experience with grants but little with contracts. In other cases, the in-house departments are simply too small or too busy to handle the additional work of a major international proposal effort or of a major international project.

International Consulting Solutions can provide periodic or continuing assistance to your firm in contractual and financial aspects of proposing or operating international technical assistance projects. Because ICS personnel have managed many such projects, we understand how the technical, financial and contractual aspects come together. We help your technical staff understand and meet contractual requirements and help your financial staff understand operational requirements. We can provide direct hands-on services to assist your in-house contracts or finance departments when their workload or past experience does not give them adequate resources to meet your international project needs. Examples of the services we can provide include the following:

  •   Preparing and negotiating contracts, cooperative agreements and grants

  •   Preparing overseas employment or consulting agreements

  •   Preparing teaming agreements

  •   Preparing local-hire contracts or employment agreements

  •   Developing project or task budgets

  •   Advising on interpretation of and compliance with contractual provisions

  •   Converting subcontractor pricing data into the appropriate format for a proposal

  •   Preparing business proposals for Requests for Proposals or Applications

  •   Preparing budgets for annual workplans

  •   Preparing requests for and negotiating contract modifications

  •   Developing small business subcontracting plan

  •   Advising on financial systems for overseas project offices 

  •   Developing financial reporting system tailored to contractual requirements

  •   Developing schedules and tracking for contract deliverables

  •   Training staff in subcontract management

  •   Assisting staff in identifying and selecting host country subcontractors

  •   Assisting host country subcontractors to meet donor requirements

  •   Advising on securing and selecting host country legal assistance, if required

  •   Advising on compliance with donor agency procurement regulations

  •   Advising on purchase of project office equipment and equipment for the beneficiary

  •   Preparing waiver requests for procurement outside the authorized geographic code

  •   Advising on securing irrevocable commercial letters of credit for large procurement

  •   Assisting in selecting a procurement agent

  •   Preparing or advising on required subcontracting plan reports for compliance

  •   Interpreting USAID, World Bank, or other donor agency regulations

  •   Responding to intermittent questions on specific contractual or financial issues


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