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Do you need help with preparing international business proposals for USAID or the World Bank?

Responding to a formal request for proposals (RFP), request for applications (RFA), or terms of reference (TOR) for international projects funded by donor agencies such as USAID or the World Bank requires highly concentrated effort over a relatively short period. Closing dates are seldom more than 30-60 days after the issuing date. Within that time frame a company must collect information, identify subcontractors, recruit candidates for long- and short-term positions, determine a technical approach, assign people to write sections, prepare graphics or charts, collect exhibits, determine cost information, prepare the budget including coordination with subcontractors, write technical and business sections of the proposal, produce the final proposal, and arrange delivery within the posted time. In-house resources are often insufficient to produce everything within the time limits.

International Consulting Solutions staff have prepared proposals for and managed numerous large and small international technical assistance projects. That broad experience can be harnessed to assist your in-house staff to produce a winning proposal. For example, ICS can help you in the following areas:

  •   Developing contractual and financial questions on the RFP/RFA

  •   Serving as business proposal manager

  •   Advising on project design

  •   Identifying contractual and financial issues to be addressed in the proposal

  •   Advising on alternative pricing strategies

  •   Advising on or assisting with determining in-country costs and legal requirements  

  •   Advising on or assisting with personnel recruitment and selection

  •   Advising on the overseas benefit package for long-term personnel

  •   Working with technical staff to develop specific costing assumptions for a detailed budget

  •   Preparing proposal budget schedules

  •   Preparing business proposal

  •   Advising on or writing the management plan for the technical proposal

  •   Writing other sections of the technical proposal within our areas of expertise

  •   Reviewing technical proposal for contractual or financial issues

  •   Assisting in identifying and selecting U.S., third country, or host country subcontractors

  •   Advising on the work "split" with subcontractors

  •   Preparing and negotiating teaming agreements

  •   Working with subcontractors for timely submission of contractual & financial documents

  •   Developing template for subcontractor costs or converting costs into appropriate format

  •   Preparing the small business subcontracting plan

  •   Advising staff on preparation of Representations and Certifications

  •   Recommending proposed exceptions to terms and conditions in the RFP/RFA

  •   Understanding competitive range determinations, cost-realism and oral presentations

  •   Developing travel policies for international projects (required for most USAID proposals)

  •   Developing expatriate human resources policies (required for most USAID proposals)

  •   Advising on elements funding agencies expect to see in your business proposal


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