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Do you need help or training for international project start-up or on-going management?

Managing an international project from the U.S. is very different from managing a U.S. project. Different business practices, different languages, different cultures, different currencies, different values, different funding-agency policies these and many other differences combine to complicate overseas operations.

Projects funded by one of the international development organizations such as USAID, the World Bank or one of the regional development banks offer the contractor both some protection as well as unique challenges which differ markedly from projects funded directly by foreign governments or private businesses. It is common to be responsible to multiple clients with different agendas and expectations on the same project.

International Consulting Solutions can help you find your way through this maze of competing requirements to give your project the optimal opportunity to succeed. ICS can perform, advise and train your staff to perform, or provide on-call responses to questions on functions such as these:

Project Start-up

  •   Finalizing recruitment

  •   Preparing & negotiating subcontracts

  •   Preparing personnel contracts & consulting agreements

  •   Advising on purchase of equipment for the office or beneficiary

  •   Requesting waivers for procurement outside authorized geographic code

  •   Arranging shipment of household goods and autos of your field staff

  •   Finding space & setting up the field office in the host country

  •   Determining local requirements for registration, labor law, payroll taxes, etc.

  •   Hiring or contracting local staff & consultants

  •   Making employee vs. independent contractor decisions

  •   Advising on local housing, schools, post privileges

  •   Advising on travel, visas, physical exams, work permits

  •   Advising on or setting up mechanisms to pay local currency expenses

  •   Setting up local currency reimbursement system for excess currency countries

  •   Setting up local procurement

  •   Assisting with Home/Field Office staff orientation

  •   Negotiating with client on specific expectations and deliverables

  •   Developing or selecting appropriate financial & technical reporting systems

Project Management

  •   Backstopping overseas operations

  •   Managing overseas personnel

  •   Monitoring overseas operations

  •   Determining if requested ad hoc activities are possible under contract

  •   Complying with contracting agency procurement regulations

  •   Preparing and negotiating contract and budget modifications

  •   Developing work plans & spend plans

  •   Establishing & maintaining good client relationships

  •   Making sure you and your client are "speaking the same language"

  •   Preventing or resolving misunderstandings due to cultural differences

  •   Preventing or resolving misunderstandings due to interpretation of the contract

  •   Monitoring financial performance

  •   Recognizing early signs of trouble

  •   Developing strategies for dealing with difficult clients

  •   Developing clear performance objectives & measures

  •   Advising on procurement issues

  •   Requesting waivers for procurement outside authorized geographic code

  •   Working with USAID letter of commitment for procurement

  •   Arranging irrevocable commercial letters of credit

  •   Understanding & complying with contractual requirements

  •   Complying with USAID/World Bank regulations

  •   Dealing with involuntary personnel replacement

  •   Interpreting the FAR, AIDAR, ADS, or World Bank policies and procedures


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