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International Consulting Solutions provides practical hands-on help and advice in winning and managing successful international development projects. ICS can assist your firm develop the business or cost proposal for international technical assistance projects, provide contractual and financial management advice and services, and provide you with the tools, direct assistance, staff training or advice you need to manage these projects successfully and profitably.

ICS specializes in working with firms or non-profit organizations seeking or holding contracts, cooperative agreements or grants for projects funded by international development agencies including the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank, regional development banks and foreign development agencies. No matter how skilled your technical staff is, the awarding agency requires your consistent attention to management, financial and contractual matters, and these international projects have very specific requirements which differ from those applicable to U.S. projects.

Owner/President R. Kent Hatley has over 30 years experience in assisting clients to achieve success in winning and managing international development projects. Our service areas include:

  •   International Business or Cost Proposals

Are you new to bidding or need to improve your bids on international development projects? Do you need help translating your technical approach into a workable budget meeting funding agency requirements? Do you need help understanding all of the special elements that go into successful bids for international projects? Do your U.S. staff members fully understand how international projects differ from U.S. projects? Do you need help assuring that your business proposal meets all requirements? Click here to see how ICS can help you in international business or cost proposal development.

  •   International Contracts & Financial Management

Are you fully conversant with the special contractual and financial requirements applicable to international projects? Are you fully familiar with and know how to apply the regulations and policies of the contracting agency? Do you have written human resources and travel policies specific to overseas assignments? Is a technical or contracting officer or prime contractor making demands, and you donít know how to respond effectively? Do you need help with contract or subcontract negotiations or tracking financial progress? Click here to see how ICS can help you in international contracts and financial management.

  •   International Project Management

Do your personnel at all levels understand how the management of international projects differs from U.S. projects? Do you know how to set up an overseas office and train local staff in the operation of the management and financial systems they must use? Do your project managers know how to identify early warning signs before they become major customer problems? Do your overseas offices follow financial and procurement procedures required by the contracting agency? Do your personnel know when to get advice on what is included in the budget or contractual provisions before agreeing to customer requests? Click here to see how ICS can help you in international project management.


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